They Say: Licorice Whips Make Kids Dumb


licorice-twizzlersBack away from the Twizzlers preggo! New research shows children whose mothers consumed licorice during pregnancy perform poorly on tests.

So it won’t just rot your teeth – it could make your kid a little dumber.

The glycyrrhizic acid in the licorice root is said to be about fifty times as sweet as sugar – which makes it valuable for candy makers. But researchers in Helsinki and Edinburgh say it may also enhance the crossing of stress hormones from mother to baby. And that means lower intelligence, the possibilities of behavioral problems and possible ADHD diagnoses.

Massive amounts of licorice have been linked in the past to high blood pressure, heart irregularities and other problems in adults. Likewise, studies have linked licorice consumption during pregnancy to premature babies.

This new study, published in the Journal of Epedimiology, points to women eating about one hundred grams of pure licorice (note – Twizzlers are not “pure” licorice) a week during their pregnancy and finds the ramifications for baby show up well past birth.

Have heart – they don’t say anything about the strawberry Twizzlers.

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