They Say: Mom's Bad Memory Makes Bratty Kids


screaming-kidsYou know that parental problem with remembering where the heck anything in your house is? Or where your house is for that matter?

Turns out that’s why your kid’s a brat.

A new study out of Virginia Tech has shown a link between moms with bad memories and their lack of control over their kids. It seems when you can’t remember what you told your kids to do five minutes ago, you’re not too good at following through on making them do it. Not to mention yelling at your kids for doing something you just said they could do doesn’t score you much respect on the consistency scale.

The researchers say parents with poor working memory are more likely to lash out at their kids – and it may explain the root of some child abuse cases.

Fortunately it hasn’t gotten that far in my house, but I can empathize. When you can’t think to form the next sentence, it’s hard to outwit a four-year-old. Harder still to be authoritative.

Image: *clairity* via flickr

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