They Say: Moms Have Better Social Lives


friendsFeeling lonely? Maybe it’s time to have a baby.  At least that’s what one British survey would have us believe – they say moms have a better social life post partum than they did prior to pregnancy.

So that feeling of isolation while all your childless best girlfriends go out on the town and you stay at home with the baby is JUST you. Well, you and every other mother on the planet.

If the findings aren’t weird enough, they come from CLIC Sargent, a British non-profit that deals with childhood cancer issues. The UPI report on the survey says four thousand new mothers were polled, and most reported losing some of their old pre-childbearing friends. But they said their circle grew thanks to the other mothers they met. In the end, they say the moms had more friends total than they did pre-pregnancy.

The top ten spots for finding a friend: school playgrounds, mother and baby groups, daycare centers, coffee mornings, childbirth classes, school plays and concerts, exercise classes and health clubs, church, village halls and fundraising events. Which ties into a study from the University of Chicago last fall – researchers there found mothers who put their kids in daycare made more friends because they had an opportunity to run into other mothers and strike up a conversation.

In other words – ladies, it isn’t about whether you have kids or  not. It’s about whether you’ll put yourselves out there. Hiding at home with the baby won’t just lose you your old friends; it won’t make you any new ones.

Does your post-pregnancy circle look different than it did before you had a baby?

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