They Say: No Ham For You (Or Your Kids)


boneless_hamHam is evilll….fear the haaammmm….

That’s pretty much the upshot of a new report from the World Cancer Research Fund. Citing research that shows an increased rate of bowel cancer among adults who eat a lot of processed meats, the group is suggesting that children should “view processed meat as an occasional treat, if it is eaten at all.”

Well, damn. I come from Polish stock, Polish butchers no less, and while I am not a big meat eater, ham, sausage, and bacon hold a place in my heart (probably quite literally). I mean, when my husband turned 40 this spring we celebrated with Bacon Day — every meal had bacon in it, including bacon coffee cake for breakfast. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I craved sausage, and with my son, lunchmeat (yes, I microwaved it).

Also, more and more schools are going nut-free because of allergies, and if we can’t pack deli sandwiches, I think a lot of us parents will be struggling to get anything packed for lunch that is halfway easy.

The concerns about processed meats mostly lie with the nitrates that are used or occur naturally during the curing process, however. Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods both have selections of nitrate free or “no nitrates added” lunchmeat and hot dogs.

I’m not discounting the research or saying this is wrong, but personally? Do not get in the way of my bacon.

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