They Say: Popular Kids Grow Up Healthier


clueless2Were you jealous of the popular kids in school? Well your envy may not end when you all graduate. According to a new report from a 30-year study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, a popular child will grow up have have more pals, more ‘peer respect’, and will be healthier overall.

The kiids with less friends? They are “more likely to suffer conditions such as heart disease and diabetes later in life and are at a greater risk of suicide and drug and alcohol dependency.”

The study took place in Sweden where they tracked about 14,000 kids from 1953 to 2003 and focused on the correlation between their school status and their health as adults.  They focused on 6th grade (around 13) to measure the kids “degree of popularity, power and social status.”

Note to self – it’s time to start getting more playdates…stat! Or check out WikiHow’s essay on How To Be Popular here.

Source via Jezebel