They Say - Pulling Out Is The Same As A Condom


CondomAccording to the June issue of Contraception magazine, there isn’t that much difference between the “withdrawl method” of birth control and using a condom. Withdrawl is “almost as effective as the male condom — at least when it comes to pregnancy prevention.”

I won’t get into the various hair splitting that the researchers offer. Basically, they claim that there is statistically very little difference between the two methods of birth control.

I call bullshit. Why? I’m not a doctor, but it defies common sense that wrapping your jammy in a plastic container has the same effect as not doing so. Besides, before the full release occurs, there is… drippage. You know what I mean. And the condom can catch that drippage. Maybe there’s not much potency in said drippage, but why take that chance?

The authors of the article say that “the intention was not to advocate withdrawal, but to advocate talking about it.” Personally, I don’t think anyone, especially guys, need an excuse to avoid using condoms. Even if its only 1 percent more effective, that’s enough to wear the glove. They call it Planned Parenthood for a reason.

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Source: New York Times

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