They Say: Running Not So Bad After All


runningAfter all the warnings that your kid’s running is going to make her knees hurt down the road, here’s a news flash: it may not be so bad after all.

Looks like conventional wisdom has been proven wrong once again.

TIME is reporting a series of studies that have concluded the long-reported effects of “vigorous sports-playing during youth” has likely been vastly overstated. Says the report, “Not only is there no connection between running and arthritis, the new studies say, but running — and perhaps regular, vigorous exercise generally — may even help protect people from joint problems later on.”

So balancing the push to get kids moving to fight childhood obesity against the threat of osteoarthritis isn’t a balancing act at all anymore. If anything, you can blame it on yourself – and Granny Ethel and Grandpa Fred. Turns out ostoearthritis is a genetic problem after all. And considering one of the big triggers is being overweight, it’s time to get the fat off your kids now.

Image: ericsurfdude via flickr

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