They Say: Two Moms Better Than Mom And Dad


dsc_0154_r_cropBased on my own personal, anecdotal experience, I’d have to agree with these conclusions — the lesbian parents I know are far better parents than I am.  The same, actually, is true of the guys raising kids together too.  Of course, all that is nothing more than one person’s experience and may very well be more indicative of my lack of skill than their exceptional abilities.  There is, however, actual scientific research on the matter and it matches what I’ve encountered personally — Lesbians are better parents than straight couples.

According to his research, says Stephen Scott, director of research at the National Academy for Parenting Practitioners in the UK, the children of lesbians fare better in the long run than do the kids of straight couples.  Abbie E. Goldberg, an assistant professor in the department of psychology at Clark University and author of “Lesbian and Gay Parents and Their Children,” agrees.  Her book is an analysis of more than 100 studies and the net result?  “These children do just fine,” she says.

New research from Birkbeck College in England and Clark University in Massachusetts suggests that the reason lesbian and gay parents do better than their heterosexual counterparts is because of the effort required for them to have children in the first place.  There are no accidental adoptions, no unexpected or unplanned conceptions.  These parents want kids and are willing to jump through some serious hoops — more so, perhaps, for not being universally accepted — to share their love.  Sounds reasonable to me.

Whatever the reason, the vast majority of gay and lesbian parents do a damn fine job raising their kids and, as we all know, that’s no easy task.

Photo: mensatic