They Say: Vax or Kids Will Get Chicken Pox


vaccineMark this one down in the “if, then” column. A new study says if you don’t get your kids the chicken pox vaccine, they are at an extremely high risk of catching the disease.

Hence the point of vaccines.

Serving as a warning for the anti-vax crowd, the study out of the Kaiser Permanente Colorado Institute for Health Research found “children of parents who refused varicella immunizations were at a greatly increased risk of varicella infection requiring medical care compared with children of parents who accepted vaccinations.

Published in this month’s issue of the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, the study says the risk was about nine times greater for the children who hadn’t received the shots.

And now for the good news: the CDC’s most recent statistics – from 2006 – show “the nation’s childhood immunization rates remain at or near record levels for routinely recommended vaccines.” In that same year, they actually saw a jump in the number of parents opting in on the chicken pox vaccine.

A CDC-sponsored study last year determined the vaccine would also prevent children from developing herpes zoster (shingles) as adults – as much as twelve time less likely than a child who battled chicken pox.

There are still parents out there throwing chicken pox parties. What about you?

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