They Say: We Are What Our Moms Ate


001pregnant-eatingDid your mom dine on a diet of potato chips, moon pies  and oodles of oreos or did she eat a healthy mix of veggies, proteins and vitamin enriched eats?  New studies are being released that say that we are what our moms ate. And in turn, if you are a mom, your child will be what you ate. It’s an endless cycle of inherited food related ebb and flow. The big news? What mom ate before she got knocked up can play a critical role in the lifelong health of her offspring.

Researchers have found that the time between ovulation and conception could be critical for the health of the offspring.  They found that maternal nutrition can play a big part. For example, a mother that is deficient in vitamin B12 and folic acid having kids who, when they reach middle age, may be fatter, become insulin resistant and have higher blood pressure due to early molecular changes that happened even before conception.

In a nutshell, Science Daily states that “These studies demonstrate that maternal nutrition, protein intake and level of fat in the diet may cause epigenetic changes in the developing fetus that can have long-term health consequences.”

Yeah, no pressure there. If you are a mom, do you even remember what you were consuming before your conceived?