They Say: We Watch What Our Kids Eat


2286073313_323239354e_mParents are no better than any other adult at choosing low-calorie meals for ourselves. We splurge when we think our skinny pants aren’t looking, swear we’ll do better next time and then sneak another cookie.

But we’re doing better with our kids. Consumerist reports that parents choose lower calorie meals for their kids when they have the calorie information available to them in a restaurant.

Without calorie counts in front of them, parents were ordering meals around 670 calories for their little ones. With the calorie information, they cut back to 570 calorie meals for the kiddos.

Those extra calories can add up. An adult eating an extra 100 calories a day can gain as much as ten pounds in a year. Of course kids are supposed to gain weight, but we’d like them to be growing on healthy, nutritive foods. Some experts estimate that as much as 40% of the calories American kids take in come from non-nutritive sources like sugars and fats.

With kids snacking all day long and childhood obesity on the rise, it’s refreshing to know we’re doing something right when it comes to feeding our kids a little less. The real question is, why aren’t we doing better for ourselves?

Photo: Woodley Wonderworks