They Say: World Population Will Grow to 7 BILLION


population7 Billion People. Yes, our humble earth is projected to be home to seven billion human beings. From Adam and Eve to this? Wowza.

A report released on Wednesday made the prediction that the world’s population would reach to that staggering number. Although everyone thinks that there’s a baby boom in their hood, the vast majority of the of the growth is in developing and some of the poorest nations. Via CNN, The Population Reference Bureau’s 2009 World Population Data Sheet is reporting that the bulk of the births are estimated to come from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

And the US and Canada ain’t slacking. We will be responsible for most of the growth in developed countries. Half of the numbers come from births and half from immigration.

High fertility, of course,  plays a big factor in the growth. In Africa for example a woman often has six or seven kids, whereas in the US the average is two and just 1.5 in Canada. CNN played with the numbers and found that Uganda currently has about 34 million people and Canada has 31 million. In about forty years Canada is projected to have 42 million people but Uganda is estimated to soar to 96 million.  And in forty years the country with the most people? India. Taking over the spot held by China, which drops to the number two slot. Number three? The good old U.S. of A..


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