They Say: Your Kid Texts 10 Times An Hour


teen-text-2previewIf you have a teenager, sometimes it feels like you never actually see your child’s face.  Sure, you remember what he looks like, but the only part of your kid your eyeballs come into contact with on a regular basis is the crown of his head as he types rapidly on the keypad of his cell.  According to a study by Nielsen, you may be right.

The study of more than 40,000 cell phone bills found that teens are sending over 3,100 texts a month–about 10 messages every hour of the day when they are not sleeping or in school.  Even kids under 12 send over a 1,000 per month.

It seems like a crazy number, but maybe not.  I’ve heard countless of angry moms and dads grousing over sky-high cell phone bills, only to throw up their hands and surrender to the unlimited texting plan.  The one thing parents can be fairly certain of is this number will probably grow.