They Want to Sell WHAT for Kids?


question-mark-twnThere are plenty of weird outfits on the market for kids, but the shop that set up a booth at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco crossed a line even the folks at one of the most edgy, alternative hot spots wanted to chase out of town.

With cutesy letter blocks in the logo and the word “tots” in the name, it’s clear it’s for kids. So what is it?

A shop calling itself “Fetish Tots,” selling “kinky couture for little people.”

Their Website is nearly blank – just offering the promise of a winter line to come with porcelain dolls as “models.” We assume that’s the best way to protect against a child pornography charge.

It’s based on the nearly empty site that we’re going to hope friends of Mark Kleim at Carnal Nation (whose piece on the fair alerted us to this bizarre line) are right – it’s an artistic statement, not a real business. With the winter line expected in 2010, it’s just enough time to drum up righteous indignation from the parenting world (yes, that includes us) before hopping up and saying “gotcha.”

What do you think? Performance art? Someone pushing our buttons? A statement on our times and the sexed up clothes our kids already wear? Or something more sinister?

Image: Washington note

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