They're Babbling About: February 3, 2010


peek-a-boo1-300x199In which we take a look at what’s going on outside our own crib.

Will steady influences of Lady Gaga, Glee and Gossip Girl turn a fetus gay? One can only hope. – Brett Berk

Everything we ever needed to know about Girl Scout cookies – except how to eat them without gaining weight. Those industrious Scouts have another project on their hands! – Lemondrop

While we’re chewing on cookies, how about some memories of those halcyon days of cookie peddling? – Lemondrop

The perfect birthday video montage – cue the tears. . . now. – AlphaMom

When the snacks take over – being a good mom is knowing to say when. – MommyTracked

Watching the Grammy’s together is a family tradition – but what do you say about all those women sans pants? – MomLogic

Visiting a new baby at the hospital is a big “to do” on anyone’s list – so what are the don’ts? – LilSugar

Puzzle me this – how do you make a cute Valentine craft that will keep the kids busy AFTER the holiday? – Holidash

Image: minerva via flickr

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