Thin, For Now, Is Out


Never underestimate the power of a woman… in the blogosphere.

Jezebel reported late yesterday that the current ad campaign promoting Pretzel Crisps in New York City, which sports the copy, “You Can Never Be Too Thin,” is being suspended due to pressure from feminists on the web.  Supermodel Emme, speaking with journalist Stephanie Markus, called the ads, “heartless and not compassionate, and more than anything just lazy.”

Ouch.  But so true, right?  I would have gone with, “You Can Never Be Too Salty Or Filled With Carbohydrates.”  Rules I like to live by.

But we all know thin is in, and the makers of Pretzel Crisps aren’t the only company touting being taut.  SD’s Paula recently blogged about the new trend of “super skinny jeans” sold at The Gap, Old Navy, Levi’s, American Eagle, and JC Penney, among others.  More than one mommy blogger has suggested that the “super skinny” label is dangerous for girls.  What was wrong with calling them simply skinny jeans?  As if that wasn’t bad enough?  Thank God no one has ever tried to sell me “fat jeans” for my fat genes.  How I long for 2005, when Nike was using its ads to promote big butts and thunder thighs and Dove was praising real women.  I wonder if our endless American obsession with weight will ever wane.  Until then, we’re bound to keep playing tug-of-war between fat and thin, each side never truly feeling accepted just as we are.

Photo: Jezebel

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