Think 'Dance Moms' Is a Joke? You'll Love This Parody, 'Dance School'

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Katina Corrao as Miss Sharon

If you’ve been watching or following commentary about the shitshow that is Lifetime’s Dance Moms, you know that Dance Moms instructor Abby Lee Miller is a grotesque figure ripe for parodying. Miller treats children like they’re commodoties and is willing to say or do anything in the name of succeeding in “showbiz.” This is the woman who decided it was a good idea to film 8-year-olds doing burlesque, after all. During the now infamous burlesque episode Miller turned to the camera and said, “The moms are ridiculous because all they’re worried about is their kids and their bodies and blah blah. Once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.” Shudder.

Katina Corrao skewers Miller as Miss Sharon, an angry wannabe replete with a hilarious raspy voice. The video, below, features several of my friends in comedy who are all staples of the New York scene. Enjoy “Dance School,” where dreams go to die:


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