Third Graders Keep Pact to Meet Teacher 20 Years Later


20100101-163905-pic-442776035_t607It was a date made two decades ago.  Third grade teacher Richard Lewis challenged his third grade students to meet him 20 years later — January 1, 2010 — under the flagpole of their elementary school.

At nine minutes to noon, Richard Lewis stood at Armin Jahr Elementary School in Bremerton, Washington, waiting to see if those former 8-year-olds would remember their pact.  Eleven of them did.

“I wanted you to come back and see what you’d done,” Lewis told his former students, reports the Kitsap Sun. Those students are now nearly 30 years old, professionals themselves, many of them parents who fondly remember their time spent in Lewis’s gifted and talented program.

For his part, Lewis says this meeting caps off a successful career. “It’s a very wonderful feeling,” he said. “This is my spiking of the ball.”

Lewis obviously left a positive mark on his students, a sign of an exceptional teacher. Maybe he could give some advice on how to connect with kids to another notorious community leader: