This 5-Year-Old Girl Can Pick a Lock in Less Than a Minute! (Video)

Lock Picker Jr.

Our children show different sorts of talents at an early age. Some will be good at art, others will have a talent for a musical instrument like the piano or the violin,  and a few will have a gift for a sport like soccer or T-ball. But this little 5-year-old girl? She has a very interesting skill. She can pick a lock. One of those big, sturdy Master Lock locks. Oh, and she does it in barely a minute.  She’s not just a good lock picker, but a quick one. What do her parents think of this talent? Well, Dad can be heard cheering her on behind the camera, so you tell us.

As for her future, let’s hope this little embraces this skill for good rather than evil.

Check out the video of her mad lock picking skills right here:

Via: Jezebel

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