This Is Awesome: "A Conversation With My 12-year-old Self: 20th Anniversary Edition" (Video)

Jeremiah McDonald
Jeremiah McDonald Now & Then

If you watch this video, it will be the best 3 minutes and 47 seconds of your day. Really.

This video — which just reached viral status — features 32-year-old  Jeremiah McDonald having a conversation with his 12-year-old self. How does a grown man have a heart-to-heart with himself from twenty years earlier? Through some editing magic and epic foresight.

Jeremiah apparently had the hilarious idea to tape himself having a conversation with his future self. And now his future self is talking back. And it’s amazing. During a bit of an argument, his 32-year-old self even blames his 12-year-old self for his fate saying, “I am the result of every decision you made.” But this decision to create the first tape, then the follow-up, and share it with the world on YouTube? To Jeremiah young and old, that was a very good decision indeed.

I don’t want to give it all away, but do yourself a favor and watch it right here:


What would you have told your 12-year-old self?

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