This Kid Really, Really Doesn't Want a Haircut (Like, Really Doesn't Want One)

Pouty kid
Cry me a river, or a bucket of tears, as indicated in the letter

Melodramatic, much?

If you think your kid is a drama king or queen, meet this kid*.

Apparently this kid doesn’t want a haircut. Like, really, really, really doesn’t want one.

Not sure? Check out the letter the kid wrote to his parents about not wanting a haircut after the jump  (via The Huffington Post) and see for yourself just how much this kid loves hair, hates haircuts.


Passive aggressive notes
Cry me a river, or a bucket of tears














*The kid in the picture is not the kid who wrote the letter. Although I imagine the kid who wrote the letter had a similar facial expression while drawing those buckets.


Kid image: MorgueFile



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