This Kids Got the Moves — Schools Us All


danceI have a move or two up my sleeve. The Cabbage Patch, the Harlem Shake and of course the Sprinkler. Yeah, I’m fly like that. But I have nowhere near the swagger as this kid.

Apparently in Milwaukee, at an event for foster kids, there was a talent show. A boy, who’s supposedly about 7-years-old, took center stage (I should mention that the ‘stage’ here is a the asphalt of a parking lot). This child …he has some moves on him. He totally straight serves it up.

Now here’s the controversy. Is he really a kid? Over a there is oodles of chatter saying that this is not a kid at all but a “little person”. Others say that he could be about four or five. Check out his moves below. What do you think?

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