This Will Make You Cry Tears of Joy: Patriotic Millionaires for Higher Taxes (Video)

patriotic millionaires
Abigail Disney, one of the Patriotic Millionaires.

One thing (among many things) I will say for the Occupy movement is that it has brought people like my mother and my aunt around to the idea that maybe extraordinarily rich people aren’t rich because they’re so much better, smarter and more qualified than the rest of us. Maybe they got lucky, maybe the system is rigged a little bit. And guess what? It’s not just your average worker that feels this way. There are millionaires out there who feel like they benefited from an economic system working in their favor and that they should have to pay back into it. At a higher rate than the rest of us! They’re called the Patriotic Millionaires, and they’ve got last names that you’ll recognize, like that of our new parent company, Disney.

The Patriotic Millionaires are arguing for higher taxation for the wealthy to fund infrastructure and schools. Unlike those that would try to protect the supposed holy and untouchable “job creators” from higher taxes, the Patriotic Millionaires believe, “Rich people are not the cause of a robust economy, they’re the result of a robust economy.” Hallelujah, praise JesusBuddhaAllah Amen!




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