Thoughtful Blogger Engagement: ConAgra Foods Launches The Dish


There’s no end of stories about bad PR pitches and brands that don’t “get” bloggers, so when I come across an example of when a brand or agency does get it I am delighted to point them out.   One that’s doing a great job is the latest project launched by the creative minds behind the ConAgra Foods campaigns, specifically those responsible for coming up with the idea for The Dish.

The Dish exists solely as a resource for bloggers to obtain brand-inspired content for their posts.  How many times have we, as bloggers, wanted to write a post about a product or service only to struggle to find decent images or information about them?  Nobody wins in that situation.  With the launch of The Dish, bloggers have exclusive access to a variety of content from ConAgra Foods that they are free to use on their sites.  Here’s a snapshot:

Want a few ingredients for your blog? The Dish gives bloggers easy access to recipes, cooking advice, kitchen tips, and exclusive content from ConAgra Foods.

And through the First Look, First Taste feature, bloggers can sign up for sampling opps.  Yes, of course it’s advertising – but everything is on the Internet.  That’s the name of the game.  However I give them credit for devoting the time and resources into a platform devoted to their blogger ambassadors – and to any blogger who wants to share content from them.

They further make the content offerings personal by establishing a Team of Experts to answer blog-specific questions.  This Team includes a Blogger Panelist that will change periodically (it’s currently Kim Moldofsky of Mom Impact).

The site is still relatively new, so it remains to be seen how effective or successful it will be; but already I appreciate the thought behind and execution of this blogger marketing tool.


Disclosure: I am a blogger panelist for The Dish and was a 2011 blogger ambassador for ConAgra Foods.  But I keeps it real – always.