Three-Year-Old Saves Grandma with 911 Call


jaden-bolliA three-year-old from New Jersey most likely saved his grandmother’s life when he immediately called 911 after she passed out.

In this CBS video, you can hear Jaden Bolli struggling to explain to the dispatcher what exactly happened. Although he wasn’t able to say more than “Mom-Mom’s sick” and “blood sugar,” this was enough to get paramedics to the scene, where they discovered that Jaden’s grandmother had suffered a stroke and needed immediate hospitalization.

Just four days before her mother’s stroke, Jaden’s mother had explained to him how to make the emergency phone call. “If you don’t hear my heartbeat or somebody falls or anything, you have to dial 911, hit the green button and just tell them you need help,” she said.

Fortunately, Jaden took the lesson to heart. No doubt, this mother’s lifesaving forethought will be a lesson to other parents to explain 911 to their kids as soon as they’re old enough to understand not to abuse it.

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Photo: CBS News