Todays Google Doodle: Earth Day, the Panda and All Thing Wild

Today’s Google Doodle honors the mighty panda bear and Earth Day

More and more I’m thinking that the folks at Google should moonlight as social studies, history, arts or social studies teachers. Sure, the good folks in our schools are well-versed in what they do, but before your kids even get to school on some mornings they can enjoy a lesson simply by going to

Today is Earth Day and Google is honoring the planet with an animated Google Doodle that depicts all things wild. There are couple of pandas, a lion, penguins, koala and brown bears, a frog, butterfly, red bird and salmon.

Have your kids move the mouse over each animal and see what happens. The salmon swims upstream into the mouth of the brown bear. The red bird takes flight. The panda bears appear to be tickled. The frog goes for a leap. The butterfly flutters by. The penguin jumps up. The koala bear scrambles on its tree. And the lion lets out a giant yawn. But there’s nothing boring about it.

Apparently there’s also a potential double meaning to the Panda, as it was an algorithm update created by Google to crack down on low quality content from appearing in search results. So not only can your kids be entertained on Earth Day, but their eyes can glaze over (like mine) at the thought of what goes through the head of computer programmers.

Image: Google

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