Toddler Daycare Escapees Found Playing on Train Tracks


train-tracksThis story brings a whole new meaning to “wrong side of the tracks.” Two toddlers escaped from their California daycare were reportedly found playing ON the nearby railroad tracks.

And here we were thinking a toddler in the middle of the road was bad. OK, it’s still bad.

But the story of how two kids ended up on the tracks seems tinged with a bit more idiocy – someone had cut a hole in the fence between the daycare and the tracks. Why?

Even assuming it was vandalism, isn’t that something you notice when you’re running a daycare and, oh, I don’t know, need to keep a lot of kids enclosed in one space?

The good news: the kids are fine. Better news: the cops are investigating the daycare.

Does this one sound like a simple human mistake or stupidity?

Image: KB35 via Flickr