Toddler Digs Up 30-Year-Old Treasure


wedding-ringsA toddler doing what toddlers do – digging in the dirt – uncovered a thirty-year-old missing treasure outside his home this week.

Three-year-old Ryan Baima was digging outside his family’s Massachusetts home when 22 News reports he uncovered a set of wedding rings.

Lost by Joan Mulligan, the previous owner of the house, they were delivered back to their rightful owner by Ryan’s mom. Mulligan, in turn, gave the tot a financial reward for his piggy bank – treasure for his treasure.

I’ve heard stranger stories of things discovered by the new owners of a house – one of my cousins reported crosses hidden in the walls of their house which they discovered during demolition. Do you ever worry about what your kid will dig up – literally or figuratively – in and around your home?

Image: Jeff Belmonte via flickr

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