Toddler Extortion 101: Little Girl Offers Dad Her Love Only If She Gets My Little Pony (VIDEO)

My Little Pony
Don’t let the pastels fool you. It’s not as innocent as it looks.

Never underestimate the smarts of a 3-year-old. Never.

A little girl (who’s no stranger to smartness) was recently shopping with her dad when she came up with an ingenious way to get him to buy her a My Little Pony: offer her love in exchange for the doll. Or, more specifically, threaten to withhold her love if she didn’t get the doll.

Here’s where the smart part came in — she didn’t actually say she wouldn’t love him if he didn’t buy it for her. She said she “won’t be able to.” It’s a subtle and yet enormous distinction. The mafia would be proud.

It didn’t work, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

Take a look:

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Photo/video credit: YouTube

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