Toddler Has Twin Removed from Stomach


kang-mengru_1513456cIt might be Halloween, but this is no Hollywood horror movie plot.  A Chinese toddler recently had surgery to remove her own twin — still growing — from her belly.

At 18 months old Kang Mengru was a normal toddler, normal except for a swollen abdomen that made her the laughing stock of the village and gave her the look of being pregnant, her foster parents told the Telegraph.

When doctors investigated, they discovered that the mass in Kang’s belly was actually her own twin, who’d been absorbed by Kang during pregnancy.  But though the twin had stopped developing and died while in utero, it was still growing in Kang’s belly, causing her pain and digestive problems.

Kang’s foster parents — who received financial help for the surgery from the Red Cross — say that Kang will recover fully and go on to live a normal life.  This is the second time Kang has overcome adversity in her young life:  She was found in a field by her foster parents shortly after she was born, and they’ve been given permission to raise her.

Photo: Barcroft Media,