Toddler Undergoes Surgery to Remove a 33-pound Tumor

Photo credit: Mexican Social Security Institute

Occasionally, while stumbling around the internet speed-reading my way through the day’s headlines, I come across a piece of news that causes me to slow my scroll. That is exactly what happened this morning when I learned about the story of a little boy named Jesus Rodriguez.

At the age of two, he has already survived something that is a marvel to modern medicine. In fact, the surgery he underwent this month is a first for Mexican doctors. Rodriguez was born with a lump on the right side of his body. The mass grew and eventually covered the area from his armpit to his hip, according to the Associate Press.

On June 14th, in a procedure that lasted more than ten hours, doctors removed a tumor from Rodriguez that weighed a whopping 33 pounds. Dr. Gustavo Hernandez says this marks the first time Mexican doctors have removed a tumor which outweighed more than the patient. The mass, which was externally attached to the tot’s body, outweighed Rodriguez by 6 pounds which begs the question did doctors remove a tumor from a boy or a boy from a tumor?

Thankfully, the tumor was benign and the boy is said to be doing well. Three cheers for modern medicine.

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