Toddlers Stuck in Toy Machines a Common Occurrence

I’ve changed my mind, GET ME OUT!

Those toy grabber machines are the worst, are they not?  I mean, seriously?  Has anyone anywhere ever won anything from them?

I thought so.  Which is why I applaud the efforts of toddlers everywhere who are taking matters into their own hands employing any means necessary to get the crappy stuffed animal taunting them from the other side of the glass.

In fact, it’s happened so many times companies are beginning to make new machines that block kids from entering the machines.  The latest kid?  Little Cailtlen Campbell.  As WLKY reports, The owner of the store, Jack Turner, says he sees stuck toddlers about once every six months.

Just last week a little boy played Robin Hood in Australia.  As Sunny Chanel noted, “Noah Jeffrey really wanted something that was acting as bait in a claw arcade game at a restaurant’s play area. The wee one decided to take matters into his own hands and climbed INSIDE the machine and sat amid the candies and SpongeBob toys, handing out items to a group of onlookers.”

Noah’s mom was able to lure him back out of the machine, but, in Caitlen Campbell’s case, firefighters had to use a circular saw to get her out of the crane game machine because they couldn’t get the locks to open.

YouTube is rife with hilarious videos of kids climbing into machines and the ensuing rescue attempts.  Perhaps the funniest is this one.  It takes this little girl all of two seconds to go in after the toys while the older child steps back in an UH-OH stance.  He tries to tell his mom who walks right past the machine, oblivious her kid is inside.  Pretty funny.

The moral of this story: never leave your toddler alone near the crane game machine.  But, if by chance, you lose your kid to the lure of the toys, don’t feel embarrassed, even when the local news crew shows up to feature you on the evening newscast.  You’re definitely not alone.  Many parents have gone before you.