Too Young to Drive: A 4-Year-Old Runs Over 2-Year-Old with Car

Keep the Four-Year-Old Away from the Wheel
Keep the Four-Year-Old Away from the Wheel via Babble

When a car accident happens, generally those behind the wheel are over the age of 16, but not always. In El Paso, Texas, on Wednesday, a 2-year-old boy was hit by a car by a driver that not only doesn’t have his license, but isn’t even old enough for kindergarten. The person operating the car was just four years old.

What happened?

First the words “driving” and “operating” may be an exaggeration. Apparently the four-year-old (who is reportedly a relative of the two-year-old), was playing in the car when he somehow set the car in motion. The two-year-old was playing in the driveway when he was struck by vehicle.

“I heard the yells of the two children … two children yelling, really screaming hard,” said a neighbor. “How can you let small children outside without any guidance or supervision?” And to have a child play in a car when there is a possibility that it could move?  Not cool.

There is yet no word from the parents or guardians or how the two-year-old is doing he was rushed to the hospital to be treated for severe trauma. Here’s hoping that not only does the two-year-old heal quickly, but that both children are watched more closely in the future.

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