Top 10 Best School Districts for Your Real Estate Dollar


I don’t know about you, but I’ve known several people who have relocated purely so their child would have the chance to go to a better school. Most just move to a neighboring suburb, but some families are willing to completely relocate, even to another state, to give their children a better life.  But moving, especially when one is buying a house to reside in, is a pretty big deal. Where are the places that you can get the most bang for your buck in terms of property prices and the quality of the schools?

Here are the top ten schools districts as rated by Forbes Magazine, but it’s quite a range in terms of cost from median home prices ranging from $148, 200 to $1,278,980. That area with the one-million-dollar houses must have some pretty amazing academics to rate as the best for your real estate dollar. So what made the list?

10. Southlake, Texas

9. St. Johns, Fla.

8. Parkland, Fla

7. Moraga, Calif.

6. Manhattan Beach, Calif.

5. . Bedford, N.H.

4. Barrington, R.I.

3. Pella, Iowa

2. Mercer Island, Wash.

1. Falmouth, Maine

Would you move for your kid’s education, and if so, would you move to any of those towns?

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