Top 10 Most Unnecessarily Caffeinated Items


spazztroidsSeriously, when was the last time you got a good night’s sleep? Before you had kids, right? Now you’re probably a caffeine whore like the rest of us, taking your drug whenever and however you can.

Well, thanks to us, retailers are finding ever more ways to get caffeine into our systems (coffee is so yesterday!), from oatmeal to lollipops. You might argue that there’s no such thing as an “unnecessarily caffeinated” item. But you haven’t seen this list yet:

1. Caffeinated Inhaler

It’s an inhaler! It’s 1.5 cups of coffee! Toke on, dude!

2. Caffeinated Potato Chips

Unnecessary? I don’t understand.

3. Caffeinated Soap

See #2.

4. Caffeinated Cereal

Because kids can be so cranky in the morning.

Unfortunately, the folks at Regretful Morning who compiled this list got a little lazy on the fact-checking, so you may want to do a little research before trying to order a case of caffeinated cereal. And the inhaler? Well, what do you think?

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