Top 3 Picks for Weekend Screentime


Cheers, here’s to the weekend!

Whether you have an early soccer field time, a sleepover to half-supervise or a schedule that opens up like a freaky hot pot of blooming green tea, chances are you’ll be happy to have a few recommendations to throw into your media queues–if not for this weekend, perhaps for sometime soon.

Here are my top picks for mom bloggers this weekend:
1. Cinema Verite. If you have access to HBO, make sure you catch this 2011 HBO Drama film that explores the events and characters of PBS’ “An American Family” documentary.  “An American Family” brought cameras deep inside family life, which was controversial and groundbreaking in 1973 in the same way that some parenting blogs break new (and sometimes controversial) ground now. Many of the themes and questions explored (privacy, women’s roles in the family and society, the way that observation and audience affect behavior) apply to blogging in engaging ways.  Even if you aren’t into the meta comparison, the film on its own is well done, and Diane Ladd is exceptional.

2. Bill Cunningham New York. Swoon! New on DVD,  you’ll be able to stream this on Netflix this weekend unless, of course,  you broke up with them. Figure it out one way or another, because if you care about photography, fashion, art, communication, New York, trendspotting, life, wonderfulness…oh, just everything, so just watch it, trust me. It’s gorgeous in every way.

3. Poke the Box, by Seth Godin.  If you haven’t read this yet, jump in. It just might be the box you need to poke your way out of.

My weekend plan: Seth’s new book We Are All Weird has me intrigued.  And, oh yes, Bridesmaids. I’ve seen it, but that just made me want to see it again. I’ll probably keeping it running in the background, like rappers used to do with Scarface before showing their houseson Cribs?  “Check out my pantry full of SpaghettiO’s and Tastykakes, y’all!” Yeah, that.

Bonus Bridesmaids Quote: You feel that heat? It’s coming from my undercarriage.

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