Top 5 New Year's Resolutions You Won't Keep

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It is that time, right?  Are you a New Year’s Resolution kind of person?  Do you make a list?  And better yet:  Do you EVER stick with it?  We hear so much about all of the things we WANT to do this time of year… the many ways we want to be better in the New Year.  But, let’s be honest… sticking with those resolutions (especially if you make a lot of them) is not an easy task.

There is something about the idea of a ‘new beginning’ that inspires us to make changes, to figure out what we might be able to do better.  However, if you don’t figure out HOW to tackle the road to the new you, it is easy to fail before the calendar even flips to February.

So, let’s talk about the Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions people make each year that are the easiest to break…. and why.

And then it is your turn…. are you making resolutions for 2012?  What are they and do you have a plan to stick with them?


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