Top Ten BlogHer'11 Moments


Mary from The Mama Mary Show at BlogHer 2011It’s been a week and a half since over 3,000 women who blog got together in San Diego to learn, network and party at BlogHer’11.

Once we all arrived back in our respective homes, the task of recovering and absorbing all we experienced and all we MISSED began.

BlogHer’11 was so big with sessions, events, parties, keynotes and millions of conversations and experiences happening everywhere all the time that everyone missed something.

But that’s where the RECAP posts come in…

We’ve read posts upon posts and browsed through hundreds upon hundreds of photos and compiled the following Top Ten List of BlogHer’11 Favorite Moments.

Take a look and then leave a comment to tell us what YOU think should be on the list…

  • Operation Glory Flash Mob 1 of 10
    Operation Glory Flash Mob
    This fabulous flash mob, code named Operation Glory, was secretly arranged and choreographed by Mary from The Mama Mary Show and Theresa from Rock On Mommies. Don't worry if you missed it, I caught it all on video. Photo by 5 Minutes For Mom
  • Dancing at the BlogHer Parties 2 of 10
    Dancing at the BlogHer Parties
    Women went wild... in a good way... dancing at SparkleCorn, CheeseburgHer and other BlogHer'11 Official Parties. Photo by 5 Minutes For Mom
  • Hugs, Laughs and Long Chats with Friends 3 of 10
    Hugs, Laughs and Long Chats with Friends
    BlogHer conferences are ALL about the people. Nothing beats lounging and laughing with new and old blogging friends. Photo by 5 Minutes For Mom
  • Voices Of The Year 4 of 10
    Voices Of The Year
    As expected the BlogHer '11 Community Keynote/Voices of the Year was one of the best parts of BlogHer. Photo by Walking With Scissors
  • Expo Hall 5 of 10
    Expo Hall
    Each year the Expo Hall gets better. Brands and bloggers met and learned from each other in an engaging environment. Photo by Asher-Sears Photography
  • Keynotes 6 of 10
    The keynote presentations were inspirational and have kept people talking and blogging about them. Photo by Asher-Shears Photography
  • Women Celebrating Being Women 7 of 10
    Women Celebrating Being Women
    BlogHer is about women having fun and celebrating the joy of being exactly who we are. Photo by 5 Minutes For Mom
  • San Diego 8 of 10
    San Diego
    San Diego was a perfect place for a BlogHer conference. Gorgeous. Photo by Angry Julie Monday.
  • Cabana and Poolside Breaks 9 of 10
    Cabana and Poolside Breaks
    The best way to take a break at BlogHer'11 was to chill out beside the pool. Photo by Asher-Sears Photography.
  • Impromptu Chats On Route To The Convention Center 10 of 10
    Impromptu Chats On Route To The Convention Center
    A constant flow of friendly faces between the conference center and the hotel meant each break meant running into old friends for hugs and hellos. Photo by 5 Minutes For Mom