Town Councilors Can Breastfeed During Meetings


breastfeedingA town board realized rules keeping the public out of private sessions was too tough on new moms – so they’ve passed a law allowing female councilors to breastfeed during council meetings.

Cassandra Twarloh is a new mom and councilor on the Wollondilly Council in Australia. But she’d been told that Parliament rules prohibit women from bringing a baby into chambers because the baby is technically not an elected member.

There was no law expressly saying she couldn’t do it, but Twarloh was uneasy. So the council opted to make it easier on her.

A fellow councilor told the Macarthur Herald, “We are nothing like Federal Parliament and it’s in the best interests of the baby and mum that they stay together during this crucial time of relationship development.”

Breastfeeding while working is tough on any woman, but it’s particularly tough on politicians. I recall an article (since removed from the Poughkeepsie Journal site) about New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s attempts to keep up with her busy schedule and still breastfeed her child. Blacktating still has an excerpt up on the site that explains a schedule that includes rushing home between weekday votes for a quick feed.

Will we one day see Moms breastfeeding on the floor of the Senate?

Image: obyvatel

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