Toy Store Opens Early Christmas Morn to Replace Stolen Gifts


toy-storeA toy store truly became the coolest place on earth when it opened at 4 a.m. on Christmas Day, just so a mom could sneak in and replace all the toys that had been stolen from her home.

According to Reuters, the woman put her kids to bed on Christmas Eve then went to collect all the presents she’d hidden away for the big night.

Only they were gone – stolen by some grinchy grinch. The mom took off, hitting all-night gas stations for something, anything, when the cops found out about the robbery.

Taking that oath to serve and protect seriously, the cops decided to protect the kids from a bad Christmas by arranging with the toy store owner to have the store in the Italian town of Turin open up so the two toddler girls would still have their special holiday.

We can’t find the name of the particular shop, but we’d bet Babbo Natale would work. Have you ever had a Christmas emergency solved at the last minute by a particular kind shopkeeper?

Image: luisvilla via flickr

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