Toy Truck Recall Just In Time for Holidays


super-rigsToy trucks are a standby holiday gift for little kids, but parents who picked up a Super Rig Play Set will be headed back to the stores for another option.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of the trucks sold in discount stores throughout the southeastern United States this fall.

Retailing for about $20, the Super Rigs were produced by Variety Wholesalers of Henderson, N.C., but they were made in China and have failed to meet federal standards for lead in toys.

The recalled trucks are labeled “Super Rigs Play Set.” Inside each box is a “Super Rig Transport” toy truck with trailer and vehicles plus two action figures. The box back has a bar code square with Item No. 67007, Made in China and Bar Code 6-98567-67007-3. The bottom of the trailer has an engraved code 45TNGO9.

The CPSC recommends taking the trucks away from children immediately and calling the company for a refund at 800-678-7776 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

Image: CPSC

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