Another Toyota Recall, Ex-Addict Mom Not Allowed to Volunteer at School, More


Afternoon Roundup:

Toyota has announced a voluntary safety recall on 2005-2008 Corolla and Corolla Matrix Models in order to address “Engine Control Modules (ECM) that may have been improperly manufactured.”  Bad news for the company, given that the media storm over their accelerator recall has just barely subsided.  CNN

A Rhode Island mom has been banned from volunteering at her daughter’s school because of felony drug possession she was convicted of before her daughter was born.  She’s been clean for six years.  Should she be allowed to help out with kindergarten activities?  The ACLU thinks so.  ABC

Potty training your kids?  Maybe you shouldn’t!  According to an article on Slate, going poopy on the potty goes against human nature – and causes a slew of health problems.  Some say we should be encouraging our diapered ones to find a hole and keep squatting.  GAWKER

Many people are willing to shell out big bucks for free-range eggs after the recent egg recall.  (Get it?  Shell?  Eggs?  Is this thing on?)  The question is: are organic eggs any safer than factory-farmed ones?  Here are the facts, but you have to figure out the answer yourself.  THE WEEK

Finally, a hilarious video from Babelgum’s Kids Reenact series featuring Lady Gaga as a toddler.  For some reason, unlike the Baby Gaga Telephone vid of yore, this doesn’t seem inappropriate at all, and is just plain silly fun.  It’s like Bruno meets Blond Ambition meets Sesame Street.  Take a look: