Toys May Be Secret To Getting Kids Moving


I’m a huge fan of simple living, but this new study made me want to embrace a little consumerism. Specifically, it made me want to give my kids new toys.

Kids move their bodies more when they’re given more active toys to play with, a new study found. The effect was especially pronounced in girls. With all the focus on getting kids to exercise more, this finding could be really meaningful. If all it takes is a few toys to do the trick, that’s great news for parents and educators working to get kids fit.

U.S. News reports on the findings:

The investigators found that overall playtime jumped by 95 percent among the children who had three or five toys. Gender also came into play. The heart rate data collected by the researchers revealed that girls given more toys played with greater intensity than boys with the same number of choices.

It kind of makes me want to rush right out and buy these magic playthings for my girls. Only one problem. The report neglects to say what toys the kids used that made them play more.

I guess I’ll just have to improvise. Here are five things that definitely make my little girls move:

  1. Their bikes
  2. Scooters
  3. A soccer ball
  4. Hobby horses
  5. Superhero costumes

What gets your kids moving?

Photo: kastromedia

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