Toys R Us Deal of the Day - Free Wii Game


Toys R Us Deal of the DayWe already told you that Toys R Us has a Deal of the Day coupon every day. Every now and then one of the offers catches my eye and I share it with you.

So what is the Deal of the Day for Friday December 11, which is the first night of Hanukkah? Read on.

Today (Friday December 11, 2009) Toys R Us shoppers can get a free Nintendo Wii game when they buy a Wii system and some accessories. If that sounds like not such a great deal, it actually is, since the game is $49.99 and the stuff you need to buy is an extra Wii Nunchuk and Wii Remote (aka “WiiMote”), something you would probably buy anyway if you were buying a Wii system.

Remember, in-store only. And yes, it’s cold outside. Whatever. Go save some money.

Visit to print out your coupon.