Tragic: Fired Spanish Teacher Kills Principal Then Kills Self

Dale Regan

The field of education is no place for this kind of senseless act. One usually thinks of a crazed postal worker or someone who works too close to toxic fumes when one visualizes a crazed workplace killer. But an educator? Someone whose responsibility it is to spread knowledge to young minds and nourish their lives and who instead brutally takes and ends a life. But that is just what allegedly happened when fired Spanish teacher Shane Schumerth reportedly killed Dale Regan, the head of Episcopal School of Jacksonville, Florida, where he taught.  What went down?

28-year-old Shane Schumerth reportedly went onto the school campus with an AK-47 hidden in a guitar case. He headed straight for the administrative office, shot Regan several times, then he turned the gun on himself, committing suicide.  Although it happened during school hours, no children were harmed or in danger.

“First we heard a gunshot, then we heard like eight more. Another teacher came in and said, ‘Go to the small office on the side and hide,'” said 11th-grader Maria Boyance. “A lot of people were crying and freaking out, but the teachers stayed calm the whole time.”

“I know a lot of students said he wasn’t a good teacher, but we don’t know specifically what he did,” Boyance said of Schumerth. “And I know he had to be escorted out of the classroom earlier that morning, too, because he didn’t want to leave.”

Reagan had been at the school for 34 years and had been the head of school for seven.The community is in shock and many vigils  have been organized to honor the fallen principal.

“When I was given the news of the tragic death of Dale Regan today, I joined the entire Jacksonville community in being both shocked and saddened,” Gov. Rick Scott said in a statement. “My thoughts and prayers are with the Regan family and all who were affected by this awful act. I join with the entire state of Florida this evening in mourning the loss of such a wonderful teacher and leader.”

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