Travel: Have Breakfast with a Giraffe



Would you like to have breakfast with a giraffe?  These friendly giants will stick their necks out, literally, to spend some quality time with your family during your morning meal. In Kenya, in the shadows of Mount Kilmanjaro, there resides a  English styled manor that was built in the colonial era. The 140-acre grounds have some very tall residents, eight rare Rothchild giraffes.

Each morning the giraffes saunter up to the breakfast room to get a morning treat. Sticking their heads in to be fed by the human guests. The couple bought the estate, in part as a conservation project to save the Rothschild giraffes (there are only a couple hundred left on the planet). They have since opened it up to the public as the Giraffe Manor where guests can stay in one of their six rooms. If you just happen to be in Kenya anytime soon, you can stay there yourself, details here. Otherwise just check out the pics below, show your kids and you can all just dream of befriending these beautiful beasts.



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