Trig Truthers Should Shut Up: Sarah Palin Is Really Trig's Mom

Salon attempts to lay "Trig Truther" rumors to rest

A recent academic paper revives the idea that Sarah Palin’s most recent pregnancy was a hoax, and that Trig Palin is really her daughter Bristol’s son. These rumors have been swirling since the 2008 presidential campaign, much like the ridiculous conspiracy theories about President Obama’s birthplace.

This new academic paper claimed to have thoroughly researched the evidence and found compelling reasons to believe a massive fraud had been pulled over on the American people. Did the Palins really pull off the biggest political hoax of our time, just to hide a teen pregnancy?

No way, says Salon.

In what they call the “definitive debunker” of “Trig Trutherism”, Salon has rounded up eyewitness accounts from reporters, colleagues and medical professionals who all attest that Sarah Palin was, in fact, pregnant in early 2008. It’s an excellent piece of work. As Double Ex said today, if there’s any justice in journalism, this Salon piece will get as much coverage as Wonkette’s shameful mockery of Trig for having Down’s Syndrome.

They’ve also published a first-person account from one of the reporters who first got the announcement of her pregnancy. Salon even found a reporter who directly questioned Palin about the rumors that she wasn’t really pregnant. Palin, he says, lifted her shirt in response and showed him her round, pregnant belly.

So that seems pretty clear. Yet a lot of Salon’s “eyewitness reports” sound like water cooler gossip. Palin’s face looked puffy. She was wearing a lot of big scarves and loose jackets. She “looked pregnant”. We were so unsurprised when the announcement came.

They don’t sound like definitive proof that her pregnancy was real, just more rumors. None of these people has any reason to lie for Palin, but they don’t have much in the way of privileged information either. Just personal observations that seem to support her. It’s odd that it’s so hard to find people who really know that Sarah Palin was pregnant and will talk to the press about it.  The debunking relies not so much on the strength of the evidence as on the integrity of the witnesses. Reporters wouldn’t lie about this, Salon is reasoning.

It’s not that I believe the Trig Truthers. I think Salon has it right. Sarah Palin is Trig’s mom. This rumor has been largely ignored by the mainstream press because it is ridiculous. To believe in this conspiracy theory requires a suspension of rational thought. As Salon puts it:

You can believe that Palin was wearing a pregnancy suit and Hollywood-quality makeup for weeks, all before she had a national profile. You can believe that she fooled all of those journalists with her pregnancy costume, including the AP reporter who literally inspected Palin’s belly in her office. You can believe that Palin, and her entire family, and her doctor, and her disgruntled former aide Frank Bailey, have been lying to the press in a tightly organized and mind-bogglingly elaborate conspiracy. You can believe that the medical workers who were involved in Trig’s delivery were paid off or have simply kept inexplicably quiet about the hoax. You can believe that Bristol Palin gave birth to Trig and then had another child just eight months later.

Or you can believe that Trig is Sarah Palin’s son.

I believe the latter, and don’t need any more evidence to “prove” it. How about you?

Photo: jkbrooks85

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