Troubleshoot Breastfeeding Problems With NYC Guru


freda-rosenfeld-new-york-timesSurely the fact that less than 75 percent of women giving birth in America breastfeed at all — and far fewer stick with it — isn’t all due to flat nipples, mastitis and milk that comes in late.

Short maternity leaves, lack of acceptance and free formula are even stronger culprits.

However, if you do want to breastfeed but need some help, check out New York’s most revered lactation consultant, Freda Rosenfeld (aka: the Breast Whisperer) as she walks Dr. Jennifer Ashton through some of the common problems.

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And not that you asked, but I found holding my boob while the babies nursed fixed just about every painful latch problem I encountered.

What breastfeeding fix saved your nursing plans?

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