True Mom Confessions: Less-than-Perfect Parenting Moments


Admit it. You’re not perfect. None of us is.

We’ve all made parenting decisions we’re embarrassed about or done things we are not proud of. But Erin Zammett Ruddy, who blogs at, is different than most of us in that she shares her less-than-perfect parenting moments with the rest of us.

Sometimes I feel that there is so much pressure to be an ideal parent that we beat ourselves up over tiny things (or maybe it’s just me who does that!).

Surely, Zammett Ruddy isn’t the only mom who has done the following:

1. Eaten a piece of food that fell out of her child’s mouth.

2. Skip pages when reading a really long book (occasionally, my kids will bust me for this infraction).

3. Toss out clothes that have been “the victim of diaper blowouts” rather than cleaning them.

4. Let your kid have a cupcake or a lollipop or candy just because you wanted to avoid a tantrum.

5. Snap at your kid in a moment of anger.

We’ve all been there, right? I’ve certainly committed all of the above infractions (except maybe #1). In addition to those, I’ve also let my kids skip bath night because I was too lazy to clean the bath tub; allowed my kids to sleep in their play clothes; and I have even let them go to bed without brushing their teeth.

What are the parenting moments you’re not entirely proud of ?

photo: flickr/Zummersweet