Trying To Get Sponsors? Try This Creative Approach!

The brilliant and hilarious Jen Lawrence

Getting sponsors is tough. With over 80 million other bloggers out there, it can be a challenge to stand out.

Unless you’re Jen Lawrence of Jael Custom Designs.

Ms. Lawrence is a mompreneur, running her own business while also working full time and managing her four children. She does custom web design as well as run her own blog. On her about page she says “my life is a joyous roller coaster” and she’s clearly developed an amazing sense of humor while also working hard.

She’s taken that great sense of humor and creative smarts and made a hysterical video (with help from Type Media) as a way to make her blog stand out in the quest for sponsorship.

You will love this video! After the jump, enjoy the Sponsor (Parody) Unofficial Blogger Anthem.

Also? I totally want her sparkle eyeliner in this video.




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